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Canine Massage Guild

About Me 


I’m Anna Willitt and I live on the Somerset Levels near Taunton, with my three dogs Poppy, Fly and Finn.

I discovered canine massage when Poppy had a muscular health check at an agility show. I was amazed by the improvement in her mobility following an initial course of treatments, and when she deteriorated again her therapist referred her back to the vet which helped diagnose her Spondylosis at an early stage.anna plus dog

After seeing the benefits for Poppy, I chose to train in clinical canine massage myself so I could help other dogs in the same way. I love building a relationship with the dogs I treat and their owners, and I find it hugely rewarding seeing the improvements in their movement and hearing how in many cases massage has made a real difference to their quality of life. 

I trained with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre, an extensive two year course with over 800 hours of training including theory modules, practical hands on training, case studies and final written and practical assessments. I am now proud to be a member of the Canine Massage Guild, and complete a minimum of 25 hours a year of CPD to keep my knowledge up to date.

I’m also a trainer, specialising mainly in teaching Hoopers and Scentwork. Check out my website for more details.

My Dogs

Poppy is my eldest dog, a 12 year old Springer Spaniel. She is the reason I became a canine massage therapist and a trainer, and is the little Spaniel you can see on my logo. She has severe spondylosis and also arthritis in several joints, and I honestly believe without regular massage treatments she wouldn’t have made it to this age, and certainly wouldn’t be as bouncy as she is. Her favourite things are cuddles and tennis balls.

Fly is a 10 year old Collie cross who came to me as a 7 month old rescue. Fly is very anxious and can be reactive to various things, although we’ve worked hard over the years so most of the time she copes well with life and appears ‘normal.’ Fly’s favourite things are running through the woods, jumping in muddy puddles and rolling in poo. She’d like to follow up the rolling in poo with cuddles, it’s not appreciated!

Finn is a 7 year old Springer cross. He’s a little bit wonky and highly prone to injury, meaning he spends at least part of each year on restricted exercise while he recovers, he’s an absolute star to treat though and copes brilliantly with this. He was supposed to be my competitive agility dog, but his structure meant this wasn’t sensible so thanks to him I discovered hoopers and scentwork, both of which he loves and does well at. His favourite things are training with me, tennis balls, and other dogs.