Canine Massage Guild


It’s tough when you’ve got a lively dog and you need to keep them calm for their health, whether it’s short term following an injury or operation, or longer term to manage an orthopaedic condition. Vets and hands on therapists can do a great job with your dog but if you’re not able to make changes in their daily life it can undo their recovery quickly.

As part of your dogs massage treatment I will already suggest helpful changes to your dogs routine and can give you advice on implementing that. But if you’re struggling and need a little more hands on help, then you may like a separate training session. I can help with - 

  • Enriching your dogs life when exercise isn’t an option
  • Loose lead walking
  • Crate training
  • Calmness at home
  • Managing other dogs in the house
  • General routine changes

Your dog doesn’t need to be seeing me for massage already to work with me on your training needs, I can help you whether you’re working with other therapists but need more training support, or if you just want to generally work on your dogs training or daily routine.

For other training, puppy, life skills or sports based, please see my main training website